What’s your derailer?

According to research from the New York Times best-selling author Joseph Grenny of Change Anything, 97 percent of employees report they have a career limiting habit that prevents them from achieving their potential at work. These habits cost leaders the success and recognition that they might otherwise have experienced in their careers. 

Here at Luminate we use the term ‘derailer’ to describe a career limiting habit. We believe we all have a potential derailer (a behaviour that under pressure impairs our performance) if we don’t pay attention to it.  

Derailment occurs when leaders over use their positive characteristics.  As often our strengths, when overplayed, can become our weaknesses.  This can cause a leader to plateau in their careers at a lower level than expected, and in some circumstances, may cause them to leave their position altogether. 

Leaders are particularly susceptible to derailment when making a transition from one role to another.  Often leaders over rely on the skills and characteristics that have got them to that point in their career.  But as Marshall Goldsmith articulated so brilliantly ‘what got you here won’t get you there’.

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