If there’s one thing that delivering thousands of hours of coaching have taught us over the years is that coaching is more of an art than a science. Each of our coaching engagements is different and one size does NOT fit all. However over the years we have developed a process which underpins our coaching. This process is based on a three phase approach. Each phase is important for meaningful and sustained development to take place.
  • This first step is all about gaining increased awareness. It is focussed on helping leaders understand their impact through honest assessment and consideration. Leaders gain insights into their leadership style, skills, values and impact. This stage helps to identify their aspirations and development opportunities.

  • This second step is all about helping our clients to face the sometimes challenging truth about their own patterns and where they might be getting in their own way. This stage helps them to understand the impact of these often unconscious factors on their performance.

  • The third stage is called Accelerate, and it involves creating stretching but pragmatic strategies that contain the right mix of support and challenge to accelerate our clients’ development.