Nicky Lowe

Luminate was founded by me Nicola Lowe. I prefer to be called Nicky (as Nicola sounds like I'm being told off by my mum!) and seeing that we're on such personal terms here's a little bit about me.
A bit about me...
  • I combine a successful commercial background with a talent for developing executives. I'm passionate about supporting leaders navigate the challenges of leadership and organisational life. I often say I have a head for business but a heart for people.

  • I support my clients to face the, sometimes challenging, truth about their own patterns and where they might be getting in their own way.  I help them to understand the impact of these unconscious factors on their performance.

  • I support my clients in becoming aware of how the underlying dynamics and hidden forces that exist in organisational systems affect, and often compromise, their individual skills, talent and performance.

  • I believe that most executives are exhausted and overwhelmed. To be truly successful I believe that a focus on wellbeing is important to ensure a sustainable way of working for both the individuals and organisations that I work for.

Corporate experience:

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach I had a successful corporate career.  I managed global teams and had first-hand experience of working in face-paced demanding environments and delivering on aggressive targets.

My success in my corporate career came at a huge personal cost to me though.  I let my health and personal life suffer.  I often doubted myself and got in my own way quite a bit.  I didn’t enjoy my success as much as I could have done.  It was only when I got to work with an Executive Coach that this all changed.  That experience was so profound that it inspired me to become a coach.

In 2005 I left the corporate world to retrain as an Executive Coach.  I have since dedicated my career to Executive Coaching and learning coaching, psychological and leadership insights which will have a profound but practical impact for my clients.

If I’d known back in my corporate career what I know now, I undoubtedly would have been even more successful and definitely would have done it with less stress and more enjoyment.  Hindsight is a great thing eh! That’s why I’m passionate about improving the life of executives – I know first-hand the challenges and personal cost that working in corporate life can bring.  I also know how vital coaching is to support executives to help them to enjoy the benefits of corporate life whilst reducing the potential pitfalls.

A little bit more about me

As a qualified and accredited Executive Coach, I am committed to the highest standards of professional practice. I am an APECS Accredited Executive Coach. The Association for Professional Executive Coaching (APECS) is the top level professional membership body for executive coaching and advisory services to corporate organisations.

I am a member of APECS & the Association for Coaching and I abide by their ethics.

I also participate in regular supervision with an external and accredited professional to reflect on my practice, ensure the quality and ethics of my coaching and to continue my professional development. The leading professional coaching associations expect all executive coaches – no matter how experienced they are– to undergo supervision to ensure the best possible service to their clients. This makes sure I am serving my clients in the best way possible and delivering maximum impact.

I love to chat about coaching so if you’d like to learn more about me and my work then please get in touch.